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Company Formation: Why Your Application Gets Rejected

Doing business in different countries also require different requirements from the entities or companies who would like to apply for the proper permits and licenses to conduct business. In some countries, their governments have made it easier to apply for business or do company incorporation while some nations may still be lagging behind when it comes to their ease of doing business.

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No matter where you are in the world and how easy it is to open a business where you are, there can still be some common problems that entrepreneurs or companies may face that cause delays in their business applications or company formation process. Consulting experts at give some of the most common reasons why your business permit or license application may get rejected:

Offensive Company Name

Depending on where you are, there are different rules governing company names and before you write your chosen name on the application, make sure you have researched about the specific rules in your location. Keep in mind that when you are choosing your company name, it should be something that is relevant to your business and most of all something that is not offensive.

When choosing your company name, be sure it is not offensive to any social group and does not include any sensitive or discriminating words that may be offensive to people. If the government agency you are applying to sees such kinds of company names, you will most probably get a red flag and they may question your intentions for using the name. If you would like to make your company formation process faster, choose a good name that will not cause controversy.

Office Address

When it comes to writing your company’s address, it should be a complete address where you are ready to accept official letters, billings, and other documents once your company starts its operations. If you don’t have an office yet, or if you are just a start up and perhaps only doing your daily operations at your apartment address, you may also research about getting a registered office address in your area. This means you can get a prestigious business address in the central location in your city and have that registered as your official business address if you are not comfortable using your home or residential address as your business address.

Incomplete Documents

As with any type of application you are making, whether it is for a school enrollment, visa application, etc., a common cause of delay is not having the complete documents that are required for the processing of your application. Before you start your business application, try to consult a company formation agency and ask their consultants about the updated list of requirements for companies who would like to open shop in the area. Doing this direct consultation with experts may set you back a few dollars in professional payment but it would be really helpful in the long run because you get to save time, money, and effort. Through your experienced consultants, you also get a chance to do your business application right the very first time and you get to start immediately with your actual company operations.


Traveling to Dubai: Important Tips to Know

Whether you are going to Dubai as a tourist or business traveler, it would be good to know what are some important things you need to follow or observe when you get there. Though Dubai is an open city in the United Arab Emirates, it is still a place that has its roots in the Islamic world, so your knowledge about its culture and society and traditions would help you a lot on how to properly conduct yourself while in your trip.

dubai-tourismFor female travelers, there are still a lot of safety issues you should be aware of when traveling to Dubai. That’s because women are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault and in order for a conviction against an attacker to take place, the attacker must confess or the attack needs to be witnessed by four male adults who can confirm that the assault took place.

There was also a case where a female tourist was charged with adultery and was jailed after she complained to the police about being drugged and raped by her co-workers at a resort. In other words, victims of sexual assault can face charges.

Here are some things to be careful about when traveling to Dubai. Be sure as a tourist, that you follow local laws and customs in Dubai.

What Not to Do in Dubai:

No Drinking in Public – there is a very strict law against public drinking and you should be at least 21 years of age in order to drink. Drink only in your hotel.

Public Display of Affection – When in Dubai, you and your partner should learn to control your public display of affection since that could actually lead to arrest and imprisonment.

Swimwear – You may be used to being nude when you are sunbathing at the beach, but in Dubai, nudity is illegal and you have to make sure that your swimwear is also modest and appropriate and not too revealing.

Smoking – If you are a chain smoker, then you will have a hard time traveling in Dubai since you are not allowed to light up your stick in shopping malls or government offices or buildings. Learn to control your urge to smoke unless you want to be fined or imprisoned.

Sex and Homosexuality – In this city, you are not allowed to have sex outside of marriage and that is why some victims of sexual assault or rape get imprisoned after reporting their case since it can be considered falling under this law. Homosexual acts are also illegal and will be subject to extreme punishment by the law.

Looking at Women – are you one of those men who like to cat-call women? Well, in Dubai you can’t do that. It is illegal to harass women and to give long stares or continue to converse with them when they no longer want to talk to you.

Picture Taking – be careful when clicking your cameras. In Dubai, it is illegal to take photos of people especially women you do not know and can lead to arrest and imprisonment.


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