Are Dubai Crossfit Gyms Right for Your Kids?

One of the sports that taking Dubai by storm is Crossfit and recently there have been many Dubai Crossfit gyms that have sprung up and as you expected, they are being flocked by many customers—young and old alike.

So that begs the question, are these Crossfit gyms ok for your kids?

What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is a high-intensity, functional workout program that is shorter–usually just 30 minutes and below–designed to challenge the body’s physical fitness and develop strength and flexibility. It was generally used to help prepare people from the Armed Forces and furthermore the police and military authorities. But since its health benefits are also very undeniable, the workout program has spread to ordinary people who want to reap the benefits of the program.

Now adults from all walks of life try out Crossfit with their friends and families and even with kids. Learn more on Crossfit Official Website.

Crossfit for Kids

The kids program, however, isn’t a less complex version of the adult program, yet it is “adjusted towards specific developmental needs” of youths. It in like manner strongly joins the diversions of Olympic weightlifting into the extensively instructing program, which isn’t for the most part okay for young contenders.

On Weight Training

Weight training is one of the many workout programs that are incorporated into Crossfit. There are some parents that are worried that if their kids get into too much weight lifting, their growth might get stunted because their muscles haven’t even started to fully develop yet and they are already carrying weights. But don’t worry about weight lifting since for the kids version of Crossfit, the exercises are also created based on the interests of kids. So that means lots of running, jumping, and rolling or stretching, which are all being done by kids anyway.


Helping Kids Get Into Crossfit

What you can do to check if Crossfit is even the thing that your kid wants to do, you can look for gyms or boxes that offer free trials. Yes, you can actually go to a Crossfit box and ask for this, but just know that trial lessons are not usually with a big group yet. You can to begin learning  the basic movements of Crossfit before you are allowed to join an actual class. Why is it like this? Well, it is because in Crossfit, the class does the same group of movement or exercises so that means if you can’t keep up with the entire group in terms of the movement, then you might have some negative effect on the class. You might disrupt their rhythm when working out if you keep missing the right exercises. So in order to avoid this fiasco and bad experience for every one, usually boxes will offer trials that you can also let your kids try. If they enjoyed it and feel that they want to continue, then you can proceed with the enrollment in the box just make sure that you try a monthly membership first.