Benefits of Sports Therapy Dubai Services

Whether you are a serious athlete or a moonlighting sports enthusiast, you would be glad to know that you can actually get sports therapy Dubai services that will not only help treat or rehabilitate your sports-related injuries, but also help you improve your overall physical condition so that you can have a better chance at avoiding future injuries. These services are very affordable and can even be taken depending on your convenient time. Of course you still have to check the schedule of the sports clinic you wish to go to, but in general these types of clinics offer a lot of options to their patients.


Some of the sports therapy services you can take at a sports clinic in Dubai include:

  • Massages
  • Physical Fitness Tests
  • Strength and Conditioning Programs

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of each of these common services at sports clinics:



Massages have gained popularity in spas because of the stress people get at their work and has become a great outlet for relaxation. However, it’s not only for relaxation. It is also a very effective way to relieve pain from sports-related injuries and regain your body’s balance, endurance, and mental wellness.

With sports massages, you can target specific areas that are experiencing pain or tension. For example, your sports massage therapist will use manual manipulation techniques and deep tissue massage techniques in order to release your constricting joints and tendons and give instant relief to your muscles. This type of sports clinic service, when done regularly, will also improve the circulation of your body giving more oxygen to your organs and therefore improving the health of your brain as well.


Physical Fitness Tests

These tests are given to patients who need to determine their present body condition and limitations. PFTs may vary depending on the clinic that is giving the service but most of these tests will include endurance exercises, cardiovascular tests, and a couple of stretching and lifting exercises as well in order to determine the areas where the patient is strong at, what areas are his weaknesses and need improvement, and what are other issues that he or she may have.

Getting a physical fitness test is also very important before getting into a work out program. It helps you know your limits and then slowly work on improving or pushing those limits to the next level. With PFTs, you get a good idea where your body’s condition is at and your doctor can then devise an appropriate sports program for you.


Strength and Conditioning Program

This type of program, contrary to what most people may believe, is not just for body builders or those you want to bulk up. Strength and training programs also offer exercises that will help the patient lose weight, improve organ functions, and achieve a much better physical, mental, and emotional health via a wide-range of exercises that will engage the whole body. The program for this service will also depend on the clinic but they would usually be composed of various weight lifting, stretching, and cardio exercises.