How Important is a Portfolio for Companies and Freelancers

It is a very competitive world out there. Whether you are in a service industry or a professional one where you offer specific products and services to clients, you must always be on your toes and be ready to show your best image and works so that you can get the deal, land the job, or just continue to impress your customers.

1600Since you cannot always have the time and of course the resources to go around meeting customers or setting up an exhibit, product booth, or service presentation where you can highlight the best features and services of your company, you must have a tool to do this for you. And that’s where your work portfolio steps in.

What is a Work Portfolio?

If you are an artist, freelance writer, or a media company a work portfolio would be the perfect tool to use in order to quickly show your services and past works to potential clients. Some samples can be found here for different types of works such as instructional videos, corporate video presentation, product videos, and similar works.

Depending on the nature of your profession or service your company is offering, you can actually think of creative and entertaining ways to present your work portfolio. Some graphics artists put them in a CD or USB drive ready to plug or play on their laptops and show their clients. But since the advent of the Internet, most graphics artist would make a short video reel compilation of some of their best designs and past completed works and then upload that to their own Youtube channel or post it on their social media networks. This allows them to reach a wider audience not just within their location. This also means that they could actually get clients all over the world and increase their earnings from being a freelance graphics artist.

As for media or production companies like the samples you have seen from ENH Medial Dubai portfolio above, you can see that companies actually treat their portfolio as their business calling card. Through the video portfolio, your potential clients don’t really need to ask you so many questions in order to find out what types of projects you have done, or if you can do the service they are looking for. With just one view of your company’s video portfolio, they can already have an idea as to what type of services you offer and if you have the skills, talent, and know-how they are looking for in order to complete their project.

When making your work portfolio, just remember to keep in short and simple and include the best clips, photos, or samples in it so that you can already give a good impression to your potential customers. It’s also very important to keep your portfolio up-to-date so that your clients can see the latest works you have completed. Those might just be the ones they are looking to have made for their company or service as well.