What is exhibition lead and data capture?

Are you organizing an event for one of your companies? Planning to be one of the exhibitors in a trade show? Or are you going to participate in a conference or sales and marketing event and want to get as much data as possible when you are there at your event location? One way to do that is of course through technology! We all know website landing page or homepages are used for generating leads, but there are more way to do so especially for big events.

vc_stageWhen you visit a trade show or event, most exhibitors and participants have their own system for registration for their visitors and guests, or customers who just approach their booths. There are people walking around with their lanyards and these have barcoded badges where all the information you need to know about that visitor can be found. When they approach an exhibitor, the exhibitor must have either a smart device app or a handheld scanner in order to scan the information about the visitor who approached their booth. That can actually be hard to manage and take time especially when you can imagine there are hundreds of people gathering around your booth or exhibit!

Through lead and data capture devices and new apps like Visit Connect N200, you can have a real access to real time information so this is not just a lead gathering but more like lead management.

Procuring lead and information capture administrations at your next display can shave days off your subsequent time. In the past it was regular practice to gather business cards or duplicate down a guest’s subtle elements onto paper shapes, investing weeks inputting every one of that information into a CRM framework by hand. Today, you can catch and utilize a guest’s information at the press of a catch.

You can utilize lead and data capture to demonstrate your ROI and screen your business groups, set your group targets, check and distribute leads, and screen execution progressively, from anyplace on the planet. By and large, you can utilize a lead and information catch application, which permits you to add notes and connections to each examined lead to guarantee simple and easy follow-up with them, either promptly or when you return to the workplace.

What you get from lead and data capture apps like Visit Connect N200?

Exhibitors can confirm, rate, organize, screen and react to leads instantly. Not just that, you can survey the occasion as it unfurls against your own pre-set focuses keeping in mind the end goal to persistently evaluate your arrival on venture. To put it plainly, Visit Connect puts the achievement of your investment in the palm of your hand.

Visit Connect N200 allows users, exhibitors, and businesses to have a way for them to totally manage their pre-event activities, event shows and activities, and even their post event meetings, briefings, etc. Business and users can also assign licences, use the app to detail their questions and answers for their pre-event, set targets pre event and use the system to follow up post event to ensure no leads are lost in the process. Through apps for lead and data capture like Visit Connect N200, exhibitors can have total control over every aspect of their event participation.